Adult random chat greece

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Adult random chat greece

Moreover, the odds for diabetes in obese subjects with family history were 25-fold higher than those with normal weight and without family history of diabetes, while the odds in overweight subjects with family history of diabetes were 15-fold higher.

Our findings indicated that the prevalence of diabetes is high in Greek population.

We also retrieved information regarding history of myocardial infarction and known hypercholesterolemia.

The smoking habit was categorized as: smokers if they were currently smoking ≥ 5 cigarettes per day, non-smokers if never smoked and former smokers if they had smoked previously but were nonsmokers at least one year before the interview.

Data were collected using a standardized short questionnaire that was completed by a face-to-face interview.

Multiple regression analyses were performed to evaluate the association of diabetes with potential risk factors.

We used data on self reported weight and height to calculate BMI.

Participants were classified as overweight if their BMI was 25–29.99 kg/m The sample consisted of 2805 adults, aged 20–94 years old.

Presence of diabetes was confirmed by question regarding the year (or age) at diagnosis of diabetes.

All Salamis poll stations, 8 in total, were included in the sampling and individuals were selected at random on attendance.

The participants were unaware about the content of questionnaire, in order to minimize affecting reported data by selection bias.

Respondents younger than 20 years old were excluded from the study.

The age and sex distribution of participants in the survey was compared with Census 2001 data for municipality of Salamis [, there were only minor differences in distribution by sex and age between the study and the target population.

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