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These are some of the basic things you can do with Google Presenter.

Other abilites of the program, like sharing with others and picking out a theme, are not that hard to learn it just takes a little time practicing with the program.

On the toolbar area, there are two toolbars: the main toolbar which provides the functionalities that apply to the whole presentation such as themes, slide management (new, duplicate and delete) as well as text and image insertion.

To begin, you'll navigate to the Google Docs home page.

As mentioned, Google Presentation has a theme feature that lets you change the appearance of all your slides.

There's enough themes available that will make your presentation look pleasing and appealing.

If you are already logged in, go to the Google Home Page: To open a presentation, first click on Documents at the top on the toolbar.

From here on in, the functionality is very similar to that of Microsoft Power Point but lets walk through how to do a couple of simple things on Google Presenter.

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One benefit is that there is a chat feature available since the slideshow is presented online.

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