Dating married persian man

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Dating married persian man

He treats her like his wife and takes care of her sexually, financially and every thing else.After the year they can decide to end the relationship or renew it for another year.If the relationship is not renewed the woman can not enter any relationship with another man until after three months.The law require that to determine who is the father if she gets pregnant.They love the hunt, but once they have their "trophy" they lose interest and go looking for something else.

Most Iranians are NOT religious, this garbage about having second wives etc., are all due to imposed Islam (by an un-ellected dictatorship) and is not part of the Iranian culture.

My name is Arash Iranzad, I burn in Tehran capital of the iran, my dad is Azari turk and my mom is gilak(north of iran), My dad is programmer and my mom was teacher, so I interest to science and technology and decide tomy name is shahrbanoo.

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Women enters this sort of relationship because if she is not virgin she will never get married.

So the women who are divorced, widowed, or lost her virginity without marriage are left in the cold and enter this kind of relationship.

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Oh and apapoolplayer69 your contact age limits indicate that 21 is your lower limit. Some would do that I guess, while I know others who wouldn't until they are married.

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