Dating young single mums

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That is what was considered ‘dating’ in the old (ok, very old) days.

As years passed and times evolved, men were seen to first try and impress the girl in mind and then tackle the family.

In the days of Jane Austen a man would show his preference to a lady by first introducing himself to her family, and try slowly but surely to win her heart by earning the praise of her family.

For this the man would ask the fairer sex out on a date, most often a meal, where they would shower them with attention, affection and gifts, and so begin the process of trying to woo the girl.In fact, I can only really speak for myself but I’d go as far as to say a single mum is even more picky about who she dates than someone without children.While I like to have fun and get the odd night out where I don’t have to answer to ‘Mummy’, none of that means I am even contemplating introducing said guy to my daughter.I have learned to live with the responsibilities I have and would like to find someone who could even handle the word responsibility without running for the hills.He must have a job; he must have a dream; preferably a car and not living in his parents’ house after a certain age, for Christ’s sake.

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If I choose to spend an evening with someone, they had better be worth the time away from my child or my work.

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