Madonna dating justin timberlake Anonymous mms sex

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The pair met on set of their movie 'Journey 2' in 2011 and had a brief fling back in the day!This is definitely a random one, around 1984 the pair got together but the relationship ended in 1991 and apparently it didn't end well.The word 'ninja' here silently replaces the word 'n***a' as popular culture would have us believe.Fans of the singers were reportedly scandalised by the usage of these words, and hence the tweet, more so because it came in the wake of the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown who was reportedly shot to death by a police officer in the Missouri city of Ferguson, an unfortunate incident that reportedly also led to violent protests in the city.

She even went as far as to say he was one of her "top five favourite lovers." Via @shialabeouf and @hillaryduff These two had an extremely brief but not so sweet dating experience.

Via @nicolascagefans and @lamyaq8In 1987 the odd pair were rumoured to have gotten together after appearing on the 'Moonstruck' red carpet together for the first time.

Today is Madonna’s 55th birthday and this time last year, a video was going around the internet of Nicki Minaj kissing the legend after singing her happy birthday.

Via @mj_1958_beyond_forever and @iconicmadonna_The King and Queen of Pop would have been an iconic duo, but they never got their chance. Apparently Madonna and Vanilla Ice not only dated, but Vanilla Ice was the one who broke up with her!

Back in the 90's the pair had a fling but before it could turn into a relationship, Madonna's criticism of Jackson on live television resulted in him dumping her! The pair were in a relationship up until Madonna published her book 'Sex' which contained an exploitive photo of her and Ice that he didn't approve of.

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