Plentyof fish dating service Adult online free chat for girl without registration

Posted by / 25-Sep-2017 22:55

I've made a point of checking around.(nice job, by the way plentyoffish!! You have to really check around for the right kind of site for what you're looking for.

True as fox pointed out-many..I do mean many sites are full of young kids or older lonely parents.

and it becomes obvious after a couple of posts wether a person is looking to get to know people or just looking ot hook up...

If your here expecting to have the first (or even tenth) person you talk to to be the ONE, then you are probably not going ot be very happy... if you go to a bar, there are likely at least a hundred people there, and how many 'responses' do you get there??

We all want certain things, some of us have an oppertunity to find it here, for free-thanks fishgang, much appreciated. It is possible to meet someone anywhere at anytime and being on a site like this just increases your odds.

Just don't expect too much out of it or get frustrated if there are no results immediately.

you obviouslly know where the boards are if your reading this...

lol I was flooded with mail when I first signed up, now I don't get many, but I stay for the forums.

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besides offers for casual sex that two cents... if you check, you'll find that there are over a million posts on the boards...