Updating openoffice

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Middlesizer can maximise active window's width, maximise active window's width to 90%, centre active window vertically, and resize to roughly 90%, 75% or 60% of the screen height, or move active window to one of four positions around the screen (depending on whether you have a portrait or landscape screen).

These scripts will merge all those files together in a single file in such a way that it can be split later in a folder of your choice, with its original folder structure intact, and with the file names intact.

One problem with Wordfast Pro's "bilingual review" is that segments with different match percentages are marked by background colour only, and it is therefore not possible to sort the table by match percentage.

Wordfast Classic can extract all translatable segments from a file, and it can show either all segments or all repeating segments, but it can't show all segments with repetitions reduced to one line per repetition.

This assurance needs to be current - not something which will be done in the future.

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Probably because the license key is not for the product you are using. Check the product and version referenced in the email and ensure that these match up with the product and version you are using.My later scripts using this method often include features that allow the user to walk away and let the script do the entire paste operation automatically, without errors, or do work in tools that randomise the sequence of segments between sessions.* -- If you did your translation in your favourite program, but you need to paste every segment into another program (e.g.the client's retarded in-house tool), then this script is for you.This version works by copying the current target field, but in the mean time Omega T got a scripting feature that would make it possible for me to write a version of this script that works in the background.I think I wrote this script because I used to work a lot with translation tools that didn't like UTF8 files to have a byte order mark, and most/all existing converters for Wordfast translation memories to TMX added it, and it was an effort to remove it each time I converted a TM.

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A pro Zian named Nessie complained that she had to type retorts over and over and over again in a file that she was reviewing, so I wrote this script which would have helped her to paste a set number of retorts with a keypress.

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