Updating xbox 360 video codecs online dating dallas tx

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Updating xbox 360 video codecs

Note: This process was contributed by a community member and we have no reason to believe it doesn't work if followed to the letter.

Simply stated having this work under Media Browser Classic is an awesome experience!

If you do not already have an Xbox LIVE membership go to com and either create a new user, or setup an existing one that you will use on all your extenders with a subscription (this will unfortunately require a Credit Card). Simply, having an account will NOT be enough to download the correct Optional Media Update. Now power on your Xbox 360 extender and navigate to the Xbox Dashboard.

If your extender launches immediately to Windows Media Center, exit and go back to the Xbox Dashboard. We first need to check to see if you have the older version of Optional Media Update first by going to Settings System Items. If we do not remove it, the Xbox will not update the current version we have. If you created a new account you will need to download the profile to your Xbox 360 Extender you just made from Xbox LIVE. Once your profile is downloaded, ensure that you login to that profile by choosing it under the Social dashboard.

Trust me, I’ve been there, and I have spent many hours banging my head trying to figure out how to get it to work.

Seemingly at times I thought I had everything setup correctly, but Media Browser would end up transcoding the file, or unable to play it all.

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